Hans Kim


What happens when an entrepreneur and an environmental scientist get together

Hans Kim, whose family’s successful cleaning business employed 100 people in greater Los Angeles, was way ahead of his time when he began a search for an alternative to dry cleaning with chemicals. The year was 1997.

Environmental scientist Peter Sinsheimer, Ph.D. had the alternative Hans was looking for. Peter had funding to evaluate the viability of wet cleaning. He needed a cleaning entrepreneur to work with to see if wet cleaning delivered on key performance, cost, environmental, and human health factors.

When Hans and Peter found each other, a two-decade collaboration and friendship began. What they shared was a passion for transforming a polluting industry into a healthy green one.

They knew that true transformation would require new technologies, smart business, and government policy change. So they worked together on all three.

Peter Sinsheimer

Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder

Perfecting the process and the policies

When the two pioneers met in 1997, Peter was Director of the Pollution Prevention Center at Occidental College’s Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. Now he heads up UCLA’s Sustainable Technology & Policy Program. Peter advocated for policy change at the local, state, and federal level. Thanks to his efforts, Perc, the toxic used by the vast majority of dry cleaners will be illegal in LA starting in 2020, and throughout California by 2023.

Sung Park

Head of Operations

Mrs. Sung Park is currently the COO and Board Member of Aqua Wetclean, LLC. Her professional career began in 1980 in the food and hospitality industries and ultimately transitioned her meticulousness and service skills to the garment care industry. Since 1998, she has served as one of the pioneers and leading experts of Professional Wet Cleaning. Mrs. Park has been pivotal in the training and establishment of over 80 successful Wet Cleaner owners throughout California, Colorado and Washington. She has trained, mentored, advised and demonstrated her expertise in civilian as well as military uniform garment care for over 20 years. Mrs. Park’s no-nonsense and hands-on style of training has affectionately dubbed her the “General” of her industry.

Shawna Jung

Head of Audits

Mrs. Jung has decades of experience as the owner of Plaza Cleaners in Thousand Oaks, CA. She and her husband Peter Jung have been a professional Wet Cleaner for over 15 years. They have hosted several Wet Cleaning workshops. Currently, Mrs. Jung and her husband are Board Members of Aqua.

Julianna Mo

Head of Communications

Julianna Mo is the co-owner of Press On Cleaners in San Mateo, California. Her business is the only Green Business Certified Dry Cleaner in San Mateo County. Since converting to Professional Wet Cleaning in 2008, Ms. Mo and her husband, James Roh, have increased their sales revenue by six-fold proving the viability of the business model. Ms. Mo and Mr. Roh have attended numerous workshops throughout California to share their expertise and experience in the field. In October 2009, Ms. Mo wrote an article that was published in the San Mateo Daily Journal titled, “What is Green Dry Cleaning.” She also spoke at the Round Table Discussion at the Federal Trade Commission in March of 2014 regarding the proposed Care Label Change.  In 2016, Ms. Mo was also a panelist at the Green Festival Expo in San Francisco regarding Sustainable Fashions.

Gus Chang

Head of Marketing & Sales

Mr. Chang has been involved in the dry cleaning industry for the past 30+ years as an owner and operator. During these 3 decades he served as Secretary, President and as a Board Member of the Korean Dry Cleaners Association of Northern California (KDANC). Currently, Mr. Chang is serving as President of the Professional Wet Cleaners Associations. In March 2014, he participated as a panelist at the Federal Trade Commission’s fabric care label hearing in Washington, D.C. Currently, Mr. Chang is a Board Member of Aqua Wetclean, LLC. and helps train other solvent dry cleaners convert to Professional Wet Cleaning.