Many newer perc-free alternatives are being sold as “organic” or “eco” and even “Green”.
Beware. They may be derived from “organic” materials, like petroleum or sand,

but they’re still synthetic chemicals that pose hazards to human health and the environment.

How Professional Wet Cleaning Cleans Better

Your “dry clean only” clothes come out cleaner, look better and last longer.

It works by combining cutting-edge technologies that took 20 years to perfect. Biodegradable soaps use special enzymes to clean softly and safely in water. Advanced equipment processes and dries clothing so that it comes out perfectly. No more risk to people or the planet.

A perfect finish.

The grand finale of our water-based process is finishing with a breath of fresh air

Whoosh! Your garment is placed on our pneumatic finisher where air at the exact right temperature removes wrinkles, while precise tensioning shapes it into perfect form. From suits to elegant dresses, your wardrobe looks and feels better than new.